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How To Create My Own Music On a Laptop

If ever there was a PERFECT answer to this question, this one tops them all. This is because the answer is nothing less than pointing you to a detailed series of short, thorough videos on this exact topic that have been created by musician/composer Dale Wozny under the moniker of studio F. These videos cover ever topic involved in the process of how to create my own music on a laptop. Starting with the inspiration for a song, to coming up with an arrangement, to creating a scratch track, to laying down tracks all the way to mixing. But what even makes this more valuable is the time spent showing how a complete song is crafted from a single idea.

While these videos are fast-paced, they touch on all of the important points. For example, in the video that pertains to songwriting, it demonstrates how the initial spark of an idea was stumbled on, how that idea was used to build the initial riff of the eventual song, and how the various parts of the song were derived from variations on the riff. How the initial idea for the melody was developed and so on. And then in a later video, it goes into the details of how the lyrics were constructed. How the hook was developed and re-used. How the theme of the song drove both the arrangement and the solos. And those are just a couple of the aspects of how this series, known as "Studio F", deals with the ultimate answer to the question: how to create my own music on a laptop, because it is exactlythat from start to finish.

The experience shared on these videos will open the door to your creativity by answering the question: How to create my own music on a laptop in such creative detail, it will certainly inspire you and doubtlessly entertain you.

And on top of all that, you get to enjoy some new music you might not otherwise have heard—and would absolutely reveal to be unique if only for the fact that every single detail of the creation of the song has been documented with "how-to” videos designed to inspire you to do the same thing with your computer and musical/songwriting skills. So if you've ever wondered how to create my own music on a laptop, wonder no more! And the best thing about it is this: you can hear the finished song before you invest any time watching the videos. Click on the list of songs here for which there are detailed "How-To" videos.

Finding a professional video series on how to create my own music on a laptop is great, but it’s even better if you like the song that’s being profiled. With that, here is a link to the song titled “Gimme” which you can listen to in order to determine if you would like to see how the song was written, arranged and recorded from start to finish.