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How To Make Music On A Computer

How to make music on a computer should be not a lot different than how you would otherwise. The computer is nothing more than a tool to leverage in the process of realizing what you "hear in our head", because why would you even bother with the effort if there was no musical gem within that simply must be realized—if for no other reason that to simply get it out of your being along with a giant "Ahhh". For the artist, that is the equivalent of "getting something off one's chest", or "checking something off the list", or just plainly saying how you feel. Sometimes that's the best medicine, and if watching how someone else does it to learn how to make music on a computer, then why not give it a shot RIGHT HERE, at Studio F?

Everybody—Including myself—would be drawn to the short answer to this question. That being, just Google what you want to know and read about. it. Boring. Or if you YouTube your search, you get a LOT of slow-moving stuff from people that sound like they're talking to 3rd graders. But I get that. It's all that's out there. Well buckle up kids, because there's a fresh new approach in town called the "How-To by Studio F", and it's fast paced, entertaining, but most of all it's informative in a way that most other videos are not. Lot of talk, but check it out here and see if doesn't answer the question of how to make music on a computer better than anything else. That is to say, among the various answers to the question–whether text or video–it is certain you will find this method to be most effective.

Typically, when seeking the answer to the aforementioned question, I would opt for the quickest way to the cheese, as would most people. With that in mind, I have put together what might well be the best way to learn how to make music on a computer, is to see how someone else did it, and learn that way. In other words, you could read all sorts of books or watch "instructional videos" all day long, but what I've developed is a little more entertaining, a little LESS arduous, and a LOT more interesting. I just go at it and show you how I did it. I show you how I wrote the song, arranged it, recorded the tracks, all the way down to the final mix. All in a series of a bout a dozen videos each devoted to an aspect of the creation of the song. Of course to a large extent, if the song I am demonstrated sucks, who would, really care how it was made? Exactly. So, to that extent, here is the song for you to listen to:

Listen to "Gimme" now



Like all tools, one needs to understand the tool in order to use the tool.

Fortunately, my experience comes into play here. With years of experience writing songs and recording them in the traditional multi-track tape-based systems, along with my experience using computers in general, not to mention my passion for going a little overboard, the result is what I am calling Studio F. (A through E were taken…). It truly comes to the rescue if you are among those asking the burning question: How to make music on a computer? The simple answer is the same way you make music without a computer: you create it out of nothing. Or do you?

When we feel the need to create, what we are really doing is expressing ourselves. How one might go about doing that remains to be seen. Or heard for that matter. Let’s just say you want know how to make your music on a computer. Your music. Music you have written, that is. (just to be clear!) Well, you’re in LUCK because not only do I write music very well, I have a flare for organization and being able to communicate that in an entertaining fashion. Put all that together and you have one bang up little place to go online to watch and learn how to make music on a computer.

What I’ve Come Up With

Delivering so very much more than simply answering the question how to make music on a computer, I’ve gone ahead and created a set of a dozen videos each detailing the various steps involved in the process of not only recording, but also writing one song. So instead of a lot of "tips and tricks" that are sort of like band-aids you may never use, my Studio F approach is like, do you like this song? Then HERE is how I made it from scratch. From start to finish.

You get the "whole ball of wax" as they say from the spark of an idea—the actual inspiration for the song in the first place—all the way down to final mix. How’s THAT for answering your question: how to make music on a computer.