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How To Record A Song On Your Computer

I've been writing and recording music since as long as I can remember. Started out with a two-track reel-to-reel and have been upgrading ever since. That's why when the feasibility of being able to watch a video about How To Record A Song On Your Computer became possible, I figured I’d be a good choice for the person to make that video. I learned the hard way: trial and error.

Trial and error by trying to push the technology to the limit way too soon. My first try was dismal using a Mac II with a spinning hard drive. It never worked because nothing was fast enough. Not the CPU; not the hard drive. MIDI worked great, but nothing was fast enough for real audio files. But I kept trying. Skip all the failed attempts and fast forward to TODAY: Great software... fast, solid state hard drives... gobs of memory and everything else you could want in terms of outboard gear and hardware. But it can be confusing. Fortunately, my experience of writing and recording songs the "old fashioned way" means I got that part covered. The part about writing and arranging the songs.

So while you may find any number of videos about EITHER writing songs OR recording a song, my video channel is vastly more satisfying, more informative, more of actually how the process unfolds than anything else out there. The writing and recording process is integrated because while I show you How To Record A Song On Your Computer, the way I present it is such that it takes you from the very initial spark of a songwriting idea; to how the full song is crafted; to how the lyrics come about; to how the melody and phrasing are developed etc. And if THAT weren't enough, I take it ALL THE WAY DOWN TO FINAL MIX!

That's right. I show you how I record the scratch track; how I put down the first "keeper" track to follow and so on. All the way down to the final mix. And even better, I give you the chance to hear the final produced song BEFORE you get all wrapped up in the video to determine if you even LIKE the song enough to want to bother seeing how it was made from scratch. So, listen to the song "Gimme" HERE, and decide if you want to watch any of the videos HERE. When you think about it, there is really no better way to learn How To Record A Song On Your Computer because I take it from the absolute beginning of the process, all the way down to the final product.

Each song is illuminated with about a dozen or so fast-paced videos that are detailed enough to give a glimpse into how a song idea comes to life. Possibly the best video series on How To Record A Song On Your Computer on the internet.