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Turn Your Musical Ideas Into A Song

If there was a magical way to Turn Your Musical Ideas Into A Song it wouldn't be that special of a thing. A song would be no big deal. But when a great song comes along it inspires. It transforms your way of thinking. It has the power to uplift and provide a level of comfort that only music itself can describe. With all that greatness, it's only too obvious that people would want to know how to Turn Their Musical Ideas Into A Song to be able to communicate with people on that level. On the level of pure emotion—of which music is the sole purveyor. So sorry, no magic, but YES to video expertise on the subject!

Having written hundreds of songs and recorded a good number of them, I have developed a level of expertise that I can easily boast of because it is plainly true. That is to say, if there ever was an ideal person to put together a video series to show you how to Turn Your Musical Ideas Into A Song, I am that person. My video series, developed under the moniker of Studio F, shows you how to enhance your musical creativity—not so much in terms of step-by-step instructions—but instead, I "pull back the curtain" on the methods I've used for decades to write songs allowing YOU to benefit by way of any shortcuts, tips or tricks I have come across so you may also enjoy the pure satisfaction of turning your musical ideas into a song with the aid of a computer.

I am a proponent of the "learn by doing" school of thought, so it only goes to figure that I would develop a video series showing how I go about fine-tuning my musical ideas and crafting them into a song—while I also take it one step further and show you how I put that song down track by track using the popular ProTools software. I show you how I go about the writing of the song as well as putting together the all-important bass and drum groove component; how the various instruments and vocals are added and so on all the way down to the final mix. So while you certainly get a roadmap to Turn Your Musical Ideas Into A Song, you also get a revealing peek at how the entire song-making process takes place from start to finish.

And the entertainment factor cannot be undersold! While I am a verbose character, I find a little time to (hopefully) use myself as a foil for a little joke here and there. So at the very least, it's entertaining, and at the most, it's a cleanly demonstrated series of videos showing how to Turn Your Musical Ideas Into A Song... or at least how one person does so, with the obvious intent being that of inspiring you to do the same. It all happens at Studio F – The "How-To" Music Place.