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Dale is a creator of the unique.

A Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer, Songwriter, Performer, Artist. His strength lies in his ability to craft a distinct style of music with whatever tools are at hand. His music is best described as eclectic. Off the beaten path, but a welcome change from the usual.

Dale spent some time at Berklee College of Music in Boston studying Composition & Arranging. He followed that with private lessons in music theory from a few outstanding teachers. Most of Dale's abilities come form experience in numerous musical environments from song-writing, scoring, producing, recording and performing.

Dale is skilled at eking out pleasant noises from a number of instruments and arriving at a complimentary blend that when listened to carefully, soothes the individual suffering from a head-on clash with the harried pace of modern-day living.

It has been said that listening to his music makes you want to get a sandwich and hear more.

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Height: Tall enough to see the dirt accumulate on top of the refrigerator.
Weight: Hates to wait.


Pedal Steel Guitar
Alto Saxophone

Dale has never played for heads of state, but he someday hopes to.

Dale has been known to eat several deserts after a hearty meal though is not by any means overweight.

Dale has played in:

Polka bands
Funk bands
Top 40 bands
Vocal bands
Rock bands
Dance bands
New Wave bands
"Alternative" (?) bands
Jazz bands
Country bands

...though he would describe his original music as none of these.

Dale is an avid frisbee-er and likes to drive fast.

Dale is also a visual artist and is busy launching his world domination web site called Buddy Buddy Buddy.